Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Scott Brown Victory

This is definitely the result of his lack of significant experience in the governance of anything. The campaign has been over for a year. However, the only roots that Obama has to return to is campaigning/organizing. The citizens of the United States of America are done with the great experiment in Affirmative Action with respect to the Presidency. The citizens are done with the “I got an idea” approach to the reality of the economy and job losses. I am tired of the professional “motivational speaker” approach to my dwindling 401K plan, taxation of my savings accounts and broken mortgage. I am so over the “I got a dream” with regards to health care. Obama needs to do something that is concrete and with results. You want more money in the banks? Quit taxing my bank accounts. You want more respect of politicians? Prosecute the ones who break the laws of the United States. Don’t appoint them to your Cabinet. You want more respect in general? Get off the TV. Dont have any more of your pictures showing up anywhere. Stay in the Oval Office and do some work!!! And finally, listen to your citizens and stop with the “I know better than you do” attitude. Get your Yes Men off your team and actually cross the aisle.


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