Thursday, January 7, 2010

How Safe Are We Today?

After 9/11, there were no more successful terrorists attacks on US soil until Ft. Hood. Seven weeks later, the pantie-bomber messed up what would have be another terrorist massacre.

Obama’s silence was palpable. He had traveled the world apologizing for the Bush years and promising a new approach. He has assiduously avoided speaking of either terrorism or radical Islam. He blew off Ft. Hood and he laid low on the flight 253 bomber.

We had and have a right to ask if Obama is serious about terrorism. In fact, we have a right to ask if he has allowed the homeland security to mellow and go on auto pilot.

The times have changed. Obama is at the helm on this one. He and the democrats spent years tearing at the war on terrorism and homeland security. Now it time that Obama come out with the “Obama Doctrine” and tell us if he is in this to win or to vote “present” or just bored with the distraction of it all.


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